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09; sketchbook compilation


08. book trailer 2: hypothermia

This is the colour and composition sketches for another of the book trailers I did the storyboard for:

07.book trailer competition

These are some drawings for a pitch I took part last month for a competition to make a book trailer for James Ellroy’s “Blood’s a rover”.

Unfortunately we didn’t get selected…

06. how nice would that be…

After a very kind petition I’ve add some of the fox’s drawings into some old books as if they were really published… how niceĀ  would that be…

05. more henhouse

04. the henhouse

These are some preliminary sketches for my graduation film “The Henhouse”

03. some birds (looking for Jebb)

Some sketches looking for the new character to use in andacoffee.

02. influenced by superheroes or house cleaning

01. Walter Cronkite